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Dear Sharingan Members and Guests,

It is with some degree of sadness, and equally, some degree of satisfaction at our accomplishments, that I have chosen to close once and for all.

It has been a fun run over 7+ years! I have great memories of our crazy forum rants, naruto manga chapter discussions and theories, download shennigans, the dattebayo fansub group interviews (+threats), the work that each member of the staff has put into the website (thank you), the great dedication of our top members to visiting and updating the site (thank you), denying the request by comicon to setup a booth for the site because I didn't know what that actually meant at the time (damn!), and of course Kenshin's Parodies! I'm sure those of us that were active here will remember these times. As Kenshinkid would put it, 'It's been a sexy time'. Good luck with your future endeavours!


- Webmaster of -

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